Best Personal Training in Greenwood Village

“Your environment defines you, so surround yourself with excellence” – Mark Foley

Mark was bit by the fitness bug through a fascination with iconic fitness guru Arnold Schwarzenegger. Throughout high school and college, his personal focus was on bodybuilding and ways to look better, but his focus has grown to helping others accomplish their goals. He specializes in helping clients perform better, move better, have no pain, and feel amazing inside and out.

Being inspired by his own personal health problems led to him looking to help others. Mark struggled with depression from a young age and found that leading a better life and following the popular science approach to treating depression wasn’t enough. During his adult life, he started researching nutrition in an effort to find something to address his symptoms. After finding some moderate success through supplements, he continued experimenting until he found the right answers for him. On top of nutrition, he found a better physical outlet for his passion for fitness through Sports Acrobatics. The physicality and complexity of the sport was a great fit. Mark loved developing his fitness through acrobatics and continue to be a competitive judge for the sport.

He currently follows an ancestral health lifestyle that consists of eating real food that fuels everything the body needs and moving properly in life and exercise to produce healthy joints, muscles, and bones. Mark’s mission is to help his clients find the same success and the right answers for them. That is why he founded Inner Evolution Fitness, to give the great results he wish he had.

Mark’s practice emphasizes a functional training style for any fitness goal and eating what’s right for your individual body type. Now instead of Arnold, he looks to Gray CookMike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, and Batman for the best training methods around. (Mark is also a self-proclaimed geek and loves all things Batman.) A lifelong wellness journey has led to a passion for acrobatics, Frisbee golf, hiking, and nutrition. When he isn’t training or researching fitness, Mark can be found reading, snowboarding, climbing, at comic book conventions, or enjoying everything Colorado has to offer.