Nutrition Coaching

We will work together to find a new lifestyle that is aligned with your beliefs and goals. I could provide a program to help you change your lifestyle or give you a meal plan to help meet your goals, but that isn’t sustainable or healthy. Together, we will figure out the best course of action to create a program so you will see results, stick to it, and enjoy the process. The best way to get your CONFIDENCE back is through learning the skill of healthy eating and nutrition. What is lacking in today’s quick-fix health culture is that nothing is personalized and they just show you something instead of teaching, coaching, and developing the personal lifestyle you need to have the life you want.

Dieting Doesn’t Work

I have tried several ways of eating (Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, IIFYM, Fasting, USDA Food Pyramid, Zone…), read plenty of books, have two nutrition certifications, and went to experts to find out the best way for people to lose weight, feel great, and reach the goals they are looking for. There are a lot of ways to achieve your goals through eating and I want to help make it easier for you. My experience will make finding the right method simpler since I have done all the research for you and know how to get you your results.

What ALL of this education has taught me is that there isn’t a magic bullet, sadly I wish there was. The real results come to you from learning the skill of nutrition, the non-negotiables, the planning, the preparation, the habits, and the personal diet that is best for you. Then and ONLY then will you start to see the long-lasting results that will be easy to maintain and stick with you for the rest of your amazing life.

This seems like a lot and it is, but my job is to make it easier for you, GUARANTEED!

What is Nutrition Coaching?

What is more valuable: Getting a fish or learning how to fish?
This is the same thing as being handed a nutrition plan vs learning how to eat properly.  When I phrase it like that, it sounds dumb. You and I both know how to eat. The key is to eat properly, how to know what works for you and to have the knowledge, tools, and experience to meet your goals. That is what I do for you. Through nutrition coaching, I help you develop the skills that come with eating and nutrition. With that, you can achieve higher levels of health easier without giving up everything.

We will break down the barriers that are blocking your progress, install new healthy habits, find ways to still eat your cake, and get your results.

I myself have greatly had terrible experiences with nutrition. I was once orthorexic (obsessed with only eating the healthiest of healthy foods) so much that it left me debilitated. I couldn’t ever leave my house in thoughts that if I got hungry how would I survive. If all the foods out there are labeled as garbage (labeled that way by myself) then there is no food for me. I educated myself to learn how to eat and not worry about what to eat. I learned how to FINALLY eat properly and it has been a game-changer. I am in the best shape of my life and I just ate some pizza and feel great about it. I found ways to help my life without the debilitating tasks of dieting.

I did and you can do it too. Now let me make it easier for you to get there.