Self Isolation Workouts Pt. 2

Day 4

Side Lunges 10 per leg
Split Squat Jumps 20 per leg
1 and Half Squats 10 reps
Butt Kicker 20 per leg
Side to Side Plank 10 per arm
Reverse Plank 30-second hold

3 rounds

Day 5

Today is Chair Day (make sure it is sturdy)

Up & Overs
Plank Up Downs
Single-Leg Squats
Elevated Pushups
Back Lunge to Step Up High Knees
10 reps for everything (I like to keep it simple)

This one will get your heart pumping so 3 rounds with plenty of rest in between rounds.

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Day 6 Workout

Backpack Swings 10
Reps Jump Squats 10
Reps Clean and Press 10
Reps per side Jump Squats 10
Reps Halos 10 Reps per direction
Jump Squats 10 Reps
Hurricanes 10 per direction
Jump Squats 10 reps

3 Rounds