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You Deserve to Get Results

– Are body pains cramping your life?
– Have you tried everything but nothing sticks?
– Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?
– Does anxiety get in the way of having fun?
– Is keeping up with your kids getting harder and harder?
– Are you done with restrictive diets?
– Have health experts delivered lackluster results?
– Are you feeling that the life you once knew is over?

When you receive great personal training you will get to the root cause of your issue, so you can reach your goal faster and do what you love to do for years to come.

Get to your goal and love the body you live in

Customized with Care

First, we get to know you and what you want to achieve. then we’ll create the ultimate Personal Plan just for you. There’s no cookie-cutter anything at Inner Evolution Fitness.

Friendly and Fun Coaching

We know the road to your dream goal can have bumps along the way. That’s why we’re with you through it all. And we promise, we’ll make it fun!

In the Gym or at Home

The beauty of Denver personal trainer, Mark Foley’s methodology and Personal Plans is that no matter where you are, in the gym or at home, we’ll get you to your goal.

We admit it
We’re obsessed with your success

We have seen it firsthand. Temporary, surface-level fixes to fitness that leave people frustrated. Or worse, hopeless because they just don’t stick. We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why for the last 22 years, Denver personal trainer, Mark Foley has been obsessed with getting his clients to their fitness and nutrition goals. Six certifications and nearly 1000 people later, he has developed a highly personalized, holistic approach to fitness that works. From beginners who have never touched weights before to world-class athletes, Mark will help you get the results you are going for — once and for all.

Mark Foley, Personal Trainer of Inner Evolution Fitness

Our Certifications

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Your plan to FINALLY reach your personal fitness goals


Schedule a call with us. It’s a simple, friendly, stress-free first step.


We’ll ask you questions about your health — from nutrition to movement to get to the heart of your issue or condition.


Get a Personalized Plan for your lifestyle and achieve your desired goal — once and for all.

“As I neared my 50’s, my neck and shoulder pain began to interfere with sleeping and normal daytime activity. After talking with Mark and hearing about his program, I decided to give it a try. The results have been remarkable! Mark has helped me gain more mobility in my shoulders and upper back than at any point in my life. Our workouts are educational, fun and he makes working hard feel easy.”

– Heather H. Age 50

Mark Foley, Personal Trainer, showing support for his client after her workout.

Get to your finish line faster

So many people have tried so many methods to reach their fitness or nutrition goals only to fail over and over again. At Inner Evolution Fitness, our highly personalized fitness plans and one-on-one coaching get to the root cause of your issue so you reach your goal faster and do what you love to do for years to come. Read more

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