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Find your results with complete personal training to get you pain-free, confident in your health, and living the life you want now.

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Find your results with complete personal training to get you pain-free, confident in your health, and living the life you want now.

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“My wife and I have been working with Inner Evolution Fitness for the last 12 months. Best investment in our health that we have ever made. Mark is an outstanding trainer, attentive and motivating.”

– James F.

Inner Evolution Fitness is Complete Personal Training

Are you feeling stuck and thinking, “this is my life now and I’ll just deal with it.” You’ve tried tons of solutions to help you feel GREAT again and nothing is giving you what you are looking for.

You’ve talked with your doctor, tried diets, done massages, bought products off TV and even thought about medical procedures to help you get your health back on track.

Exercise and hiring a personal trainer is always something you want to do. You want to take care of yourself and you know working out is a great way to do it, but you just don’t feel confident to do it or even do it right.

Plus, nutrition is just a minefield with so many options and experts conflicting each other and it sounds like nobody knows.

That is where I come in to clear up the confusion. I’ve done the research, I’ve helped heal myself, I’ve helped others regain their health, and I want to help you on your journey. I became a personal trainer so I can give the quality guidance I was looking for when I needed it. I have extensive knowledge on almost everything nutrition, fitness, becoming pain-free and a healthy lifestyle. I wanted a complete solution for myself so I daily am working to become the complete personal trainer for you.

So, reach out to me and get your health and life back in order!

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Work with Inner Evolution Fitness to achieve your desired goals. We personalize our workouts to individual client needs. By implementing the best methods in fitness, we strive to keep the motivation high and the workout fun! You will feel accomplished and driven after every session.


Nutrition can be the most confusing task when it comes to proper health. Inner Evolution Fitness offers basic nutritional counseling to help eliminate the stress and help simplify the changes. We focus on eating real food that fits your needs and lifestyle. It’s time to reclaim your health.

Mobility & Pain Reduction

Mobility, to me, is the ability to control your joints through full range of motion. With this ability you will be less prone to injury, less pain, increased athletic performance, and increased overall strength. We achieve this by a thorough screening to find the issue, then stretching and strengthening using specific Corrective Exercises to achieve a healthier joint.

Greenwood Village Personal Trainer

Through his own struggles with health Mark became passionate about changing his life through the best means possible. This steered him down the path of massive research, schooling, certifications, and being mentored in fitness and nutrition, which ultimately led to a career of helping others and starting Inner Evolution Fitness.

He started Inner Evolution Fitness because he was tired of going to find expert help him with mental health and massive back pain. By not finding any solutions to his issues, he kept looking for answers. Chiros, massage, physical therapist, and even personal trainers never had any answers to FIX the problems, just mask it and to deal with it. That wasn’t good enough for him, so he wanted to be the answer for himself and for everyone else. Currently, he has more answer to a lot of modern health problems, but is always looking for the best means to fix the problems.

Mark is a friendly, low pressure trainer that uses a guiding hand rather than a strong fist to get you to your goals. Every method used or advocated by Mark is always tried extensively by himself first to make sure it is safe, effective, and right for clients.

Mark focuses on enjoying the outdoors fully to help him stay motivated to be fit, healthy, and active. With this motivation, his past problems haven’t showed up to stop him from living the active life he wants.

Greenwood Village Personal Training
Greenwood Village Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching

“Mark is a fantastic trainer. He challenges me, listens to my goals, and holds me accountable. He pushes me without being pushy. He’s also a great guy and fun to talk to, sometimes after that last burpee — you need a high five and some encouragement — and he does that.”

Greenwood Village Personal Training

“When I started training with Mark I was in perhaps the worst shape of my adult life with no regular exercise habits and high blood sugar. Nearly a year later, I have kept off pounds of fat, gotten my blood sugar to normal levels, and am stronger than I’ve been in ages. For anyone wanting to increase their odds of success in making a lifestyle change, however big or small, Mark is the guy.”

Greenwood Village Personal Training

“Working with Mark is easy because he takes my lifestyle into consideration. I travel frequently for work, so he is able to offer seeing me on days I am home and has worked with me to create and modify a workout I can do while on the road.
I would recommend training with Mark to anyone without hesitation.”

Greenwood Village Personal Training

“I’m someone who, over the years, has learned a fair amount about health and exercise, but he still has shown me new methods and strategies to improve my fitness. In particular, I have sore knees from years of long-distance running. Mark gave me specific stretches and exercises that target that area that I had never heard of before. They already feel like they are improving!”

Greenwood Village Personal Training
Greenwood Village Personal Trainer


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A Better Life is Now Within Reach

We do the hard work to keep the focus on your goals and fitness. We are proud to to serve the cities of: Greenwood Village, Centennial, Denver, Aurora, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch.

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