Denver Tech Center Health Consultant

“I had seen some success on my own with my weight loss and fitness goals, but it wasn’t until I started working with Mark that I really started to see the results I wanted. Not only has Mark been my trainer for the past few years, but I also consider him a good friend. He truly cares about each of his client’s goals and needs, and his personalized training (and pricing) style makes it easy to work with him without having to pay and arm and a leg for a personal trainer. I look forward to our group classes every Tuesday and Thursday because it’s a community I have now that I didn’t before. Moreover, Mark is so knowledgeable about topics including injury treatment and prevention as well as nutrition, and I love picking his brain about the topics that interest me. He even helped inspire me to go paleo, which is now a huge part of my life. I’m so grateful to be working with Mark and would recommend him to anyone with health and fitness goals who doesn’t want to do it alone anymore.”

— Rachel P.

(Rachel is amazing client and close friend. She is looking to continue to research ways to better her health and is in the process of becoming a nutritionist to help others find the best ways to be healthy.)

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One of the challenges I faced was a pair of aging 51 year-old knees, and bad back from an old injury. Tired, repetitive workouts left me with minimal results, but training with Mark Foley at Inner Evolution Fitness has changed my perspective on exercising with a purpose. He has helped me uphold my discipline, motivation, and conditioning by a tailored, engaging cross fit-training program that has helped me strengthen my body. Every workout is a challenge, and his knowledge and experience makes him a truly valued trainer!

-Michael B.

(Michael is an incredible graphic designer and drummer. He is someone I know that loves a tough workout and is always greatful.)

Aurora Spartan Race

“When I started training with Mark I was in perhaps the worst shape of my adult life with no regular exercise habits and high blood sugar. Nearly a year later, I have kept off pounds of fat, gotten my blood sugar to normal levels, and am stronger than I’ve been in ages. Mark creates workouts that are fun, personalized, and challenging without being discouraging. Mark has my back in any personal wellness goal I undertake, always offering encouragement and knowledge. At the same time, he is down to earth and doesn’t pass judgment when I have the occasional setback. Mark will never make you feel bad about your fitness — he offers only positivity. For anyone wanting to increase their odds of success in making a lifestyle change, however big or small, Mark is the guy.”

— Ben C.

(Ben is a great guy to be around. While he is busy as a tax manager, he still finds plenty of time to take care of himself.)

“I have worked with no fewer than 10 trainers in the past decade. Some were good, some were meh. Mark is very good. He really listened when I shared my history, concerns, and frustrations around fitness. He also has done an outstanding job of modifying workouts and exercises to accommodate some special needs I have. I’m impressed that he always remembers to do this without prompting from me.

Mark also does a great job following up with articles and links to relevant information after a discussion about fitness, nutrition, or general well-being. Mark is always interested in how to be the best trainer he can be for you while helping you explore how to better yourself in a holistic mind/body way.”

— Sharon M.

(Sharon is a 90-Day Challenge client, and is great to be around during workouts. Enjoyable to talk to and I learn so much from by training her.)

Greenwood Village Health Professionals

“I was pretty active before I started training with Mark but I wasn’t very consistent about it. I had goals but I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Mark created a program for me that really targeted my needs. We started keeping track of my progress, which was beneficial because I started to notice myself growing and getting stronger. His workouts are definitely challenging, but he is so motivational and encouraging and he really wants you to enjoy the process. Mark definitely isn’t going to make it easy for you and he will not let you give up or quit. He’s an awesome trainer because he motivates and pushes you and is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.”

— Marissa G.

(Marissa is an awesome client who is looking to compete as a bikini athlete.)

I have had personal trainers in the past, and hadn’t found a good fit since moving to the area, until I met Mark.  He is a great trainer!  Dedicated to supporting his clients goals and needs.  I greatly appreciate his support in overcoming injuries, while still challenging me. I have been working with him for 2 months now and have already seen significant results.  Highly recommend!

-Sarah A.

(Sarah is one of the coolest ladies you can find. All her stories are fun and interesting. Sometimes I feel like its more of a session for me than her because it’s always fun)

Greenwood Village Personal Training

“Mark is a very knowledgeable trainer. I’m someone who, over the years, has learned a fair amount about health and exercise, but he still has shown me new methods and strategies to improve my fitness. In particular, I have sore knees from years of long-distance running. I just assumed that I was just going to be stuck that way. Mark gave me specific stretches and exercises that target that area that I had never heard of before. I’m excited to be trying them and can’t wait for the long-term results. They already feel like they are improving!”

— Michelle M.

(Michelle is an avid runner who has done triathlons and marathons all while raising a baby boy and being a schoolteacher! An amazing person to train.)

“I’ve have had several workouts with Mark Foley at Inner Evolution in the past three months. Not one of them has been the same! Mark works all areas with a variety of exercises so I never felt bored and always felt challenged. My workout groups have consisted of four to 12 women, all with different ages, body types, and exercise levels, and some preexisting injuries. Mark is always mindful of these differences. He checks in frequently, both individually and with the group, to ensure that while we stayed challenged we were also maintaining good form and safety. He also has a great sense of humor and music selections! Mark makes working out with a personal trainer FUN!”

—Kim S.

(Kim is a 90-Day Challenge client, and it is always nice to see her show up in the studio.)

Greenwood Village Personal Trainer

“I started working with Inner Evolution Fitness and Mark as a way to make myself get some exercise and reduce my stress. Now, it’s one of the things I look forward to in my week. Mark is easy to work with, dynamic, creative, and motivating without being ‘in your face.’ It makes for a very enjoyable workout experience.

I appreciate that Mark is constantly monitoring my progress on both the short and long term. He is constantly asking whether I like certain activities to help keep me engaged, checking to make sure I am doing all exercises correctly to offer immediate feedback, and modifying the workout as we go to make it more or less challenging. I can almost always expect a check in two or three days later to see how my body responded to what we did during the last session. As a healthcare professional, I especially appreciate the fact that Mark performs outcome measures to monitor my progress and plan for the future. It also helps to give me a way to see my progress and continue to be encouraged.

I have a long history of injuries, which can be problematic for me, but Mark takes all those in stride and tailors the workout to my body type and physical history. I appreciate the fact that he focuses on corrective activities and my overall health and alignment instead of ‘bulking’ me up.

Working with Mark is easy because he takes my lifestyle into consideration. I travel frequently for work, so he is able to offer seeing me on days I am home and has worked with me to create and modify a workout I can do while on the road. He also understands the poor diet that can come with airport and hotel food and has coached me on how to make good choices without being limiting or unrealistic.

I would recommend training with Mark to anyone without hesitation.”

— Haley B.

(Haley is a very busy woman who is always on the go and finds working out lowers her stress. She is a fun client to have around.)

I throroughly enjoyed every aspect of the 90 day challenge. Mark tailored the program in such a way that everyone felt challenged in their own way. I felt myself getting stronger each week, which was my main goal with this challenge. Thank you Mark for your time & dedication!

-Catherine V.
(Catherine was a client that was in the 90 Day Challenge and then stayed on afterwards to keep the change for her health.)

Greenwood Village Fitness Center

“I’ve been working out with Mark for over a year now and have seen great results. I’m certainly stronger and more fit than I was when I first started. I enjoy the mix of cardio, strength, and core work and camaraderie of our group classes. Mark is a great leader/motivator, and I always feel good and that I’ve had a very beneficial workout after every one of our classes. First of all his workouts are always different, which keeps it fun and interesting. He changes up the formats of the workouts, we have different style workouts for different days of the week, and he has been known to create special themed workouts when it is someone’s birthday or for other occasions. He’s very creative, and that is much appreciated so you don’t get bored or too dejected when the work gets challenging.

He’s also extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and how the body works. His classes are always a solid all-over body workout, and he can always suggest alternatives and modifications when needed. In addition, he’s very up to speed on current nutrition and good health practices. He gave each of us a health and nutrition guide he prepared for us individually as a Christmas gift, which was awesome.

Not only do I enjoy working out with Mark for his fitness expertise, but he’s also an enjoyable person to be around and someone you can consider a friend. It’s evident he sincerely cares about providing quality service and good health to us all, and it shows in everything he does. I am very happy with my decision to attend Mark’s classes and recommend him extremely highly to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness and have fun while doing it.”

— Michelle L.

(Michelle is a woman who enjoys life to the fullest. She is always busy with something new and fun from concerts, hiking, or events. She made a habit to come in after her busy day of work to keep her living to the fullest.)

I started the 90 day challenge with the expectation that it would just be a bunch of workouts that weren’t very fun. I came to realize that the way that it was structured there was a lot of variety and fun in the workouts. Mark was very personable and was very willing to take the time to help out or alternate an exercise if needed. The classroom sessions were also very informative. My  favorite one was on nutrition and while minor, I have made some diet changes. Overall, I feel better and stronger than before I started the challenge. I would recommend it to anyone that is even slightly interested.

– Grant M.

(Grant M. is an avid soccer player and incredibly athletic, which made my job more challenging and fun.)

Denver Sports Training

“I’ve been working out with Inner Evolution Fitness and Mark for a few months now and am loving it! Every workout is different and it really keeps me on my toes. Mark also is really receptive to feedback and is always looking for ways to improve your experience. He called me out on picking out a lower weight the other day and I’m so thankful he pushed me to pick up the 15-pound kettle bell.”

— Aimee B.

(Aimee is a blast to be around. She travels a lot for work and if trying to find ways to stay in shape, while maintaining an active career.)

Denver Spartan Race

“Mark is a fantastic trainer. He challenges me, listens to my goals, and holds me accountable. He pushes me without being pushy. He’s also a great guy and fun to talk to, sometimes after that last burpee — you need a high five and some encouragement — and he does that.”

— Katie V.

(Katie is one of my favorite to train, she isn’t afraid to tell me what is on her mind. She is constantly busy with work and a busy social life, though she always makes time to stay healthy.)

Denver Weight Loss service

“Mark Foley is a caring, motivating, and innovative trainer. Workout with Mark if you’re looking for results. Thank you Mark for all you do!”

— Mary D.

(Mary is a very caring and cheerful client who is always wanting to learn more. She is a Yoga teacher and always appreciates anything to help with her own practice.)

The 90 Day Fitness challenge was a lot of fun! The workouts were very convenient and fun due to several time slots to choose from and a large variety of exercises and workout environments. Mark took exercise requests and would tweak workouts to work on our personal  “problem areas”. The nutrition portion gave helpful information on good and bad foods to eat. I dropped several pant sizes without feeling like I was dieting and still being able to eat bacon, chocolate, and wine!

– Betsey W.

(Betsey W. is an awesome worker and mom that went through the 90 Day Challenge. I love seeing her smile through the workouts)