Here are some of the FAQs I have been asked about Training. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us using the form below.

Do you train at homes?

We do train at homes! One of the best ways to stick to a fitness lifestyle is to make it easy and accessible, what better way than having the comfort of your own home to get in great shape.

What are your available hours for training?

We currently operate anywhere between 7am – 7pm Tuesday through Saturday. Contact us for availability [email protected]

What is functional training?

It is a training philosophy to help transfer all the benefits from exercise to daily living. It was developed by physical and occupational therapists for use in rehabilitation of patients as a low impact way to exercise. It is now being used as a way to pre-hab people in gyms and homes to prevent injuries while getting them stronger and healthier.

How do you develop a training program for me?

When we first start training, we will take go through a body screening to assess your natural body movement, any strengths, any weaknesses, and imbalances. This will show how to best design a workout to reduce injuries, lower pain, and increase strength.

A friend recommend you as a trainer, but I don’t live in the Denver area?

I offer online workout programs and meal plans sent to you via e-mail. Also included is a once a week phone call to see how the progress is coming, questions, and way to tailor the program more to your needs.

Do you train kids?

Yes, I have worked with kids as young as 12 in the past and find it a fun challenge for me as well as the kids.

I’m looking to get in shape for a wedding/vacation/reunion etc., what is a great way to get results fast?

We do package deals that will help you focus on your goals. We will go over all the best options for you to get fit and reach your goal.