Corrective Exercise & Pain Reduction

Pain can inhibit one’s performance in sports, fun activities, and everyday life. I focus on helping to figure out the root of the pain and use my expertise of Corrective Exercise to help minimize and alleviate the problem. I screen all my client’s using a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which covers 7 basic human movements that we should be able to perform and perform it without pain. If pain or inability to do even one of the movements, that could indicate lack of strength, a musculoskeletal imbalance, a previous injury, or movement dysfunction. I then will use multiple methods to work on the problem such as corrective exercises, strengthening the full range of motion in a joint, increasing space in certain joints for proper movement, and/or retraining your body how to move efficiently.

Once we are moving better we then develop an exercise routine to reinforce the positive changes we made. In my experience most methods of pain reduction are temporary fixes and don’t address the root causes of the pain. The methods leave you feeling good for a week or two and then the pain comes back. I want your body to stay in a good postural alignment so pain won’t come back and then teach you mechanics so the pain won’t come back.

Everyone should be able to have the mobility and ability to do the tasks they love in life and to keep the body in a healthy state. With a focus of working with the body in how it’s supposed to function we should see no pain.

Some of the methods I use are from the research and practices of Gray Cook MSPT, Kelly Starrett PT, and Dr. Andreo Spina.

Greenwood Village Personal Trainer, Inner Evolution Fitness