Do you enjoy friendly competition? Is your typically workout getting stale? Time to try group training.

We will setup a fun, challenging and relevant workout for you and your friend(s). We will take you through a circuit of exercise over a period of 45-60 minutes with the guidance of a fun, motivating personal trainer. The workouts will accommodate your goals, skill levels, and personal preferences. If you don’t enjoy running, we will never make you run.

It has been shown to help workers focus, lower stress, and grow closer as an organization. We will collaborate with companies for corporate wellness. If you have a gym at your company, we will make it the most convenient for you to participate in the work outs. Also included is a group of educational speeches and Q&A sessions to help make your workplace happy, healthy, and fun.

What better way to achieve your goals than with a friend near by?  You will have more fun and be more motivated by having them going through the same process as you. This will also help you find someone to hold you accountable in your everyday life where together you can achieve success and bond.

Inner Evolution Fitness Running