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Strength Training and the Brain
Will strength training burn fat
strength training
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How You Can Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Belly Fat

How you can start losing that dreaded belly fat NOW. You will find out what belly is, why it is bad for your health, and then ways to lower it!
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Quick Tip: Don’t Drink Your Calories

Here are some quick ways to lower your calories. The reason that drinking can make you can weight quick and what to do. Greenwood Village Personal Trainer
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Quick Tip: Become Stronger in Seconds

Simple way to help increase your ability to be stronger, stiff up the core, and make you feel cool lifting in the gym. Greenwood Village Personal Trainer
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Quick Tip: Ditch the Screens Before Bed

The addiction of your phone can be causing more problems than you think. Time to put down the screen. Greenwood Village Personal Training
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Functional Training for a Better Life

This is one of the best reasons to be working out. The side effects of looking and feeling better don't compare to the sense of freedom and adventure. Greenwood Village Personal Training
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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The cold starting to get you down? Here are 5 ways to make the winter blues and bit brighter. Greenwood Village Personal Trainer
Breathe Denver


This is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety, increase calm, and help you focus. Breathing properly can help with so much.
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Paleo Sliders

Diane Sanfilippo has this create recipe of some healthy, tasty sliders. Enjoy!!! Greenwood Village Personal Training
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Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

What does nature, flossing, and hanging out with your buds have to do with health? Come find out. Greenwood Village Personal Training
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The Mighty Plank

The plank in all of its glory. We shows you how to do a plank that will give you the most bang for your buck. Greenwood Village Personal Training
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Tasty Chicken Salad

An amazing recipe to satisfy your taste buds. Greenwood Village Personal Training