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If you’re lifting a really heavy weight, moving a large object, or want to be stronger, this will be a helpful tip.

Before you attempt to move a heavy object, you should take in a quick sniff of air through your nose and squeeze/flex your muscles, especially the forearms and butt, before lifting the object. Since this is a quick tip, I won’t explain all the principles that go in to effect, but I’ll give you the overview and how to apply the tips more effectively.

First, take in a sniff of air through the nose. Taking in a quick, short bit of air through the nose helps keep the spine neutral and pressurizes the abdominal cavity, which keeps the spine neutral throughout the movement. As a personal trainer, my number one priority is to keep people safe, and keeping the spine healthy and not at major risk of harm is a good way to eliminate a lot of potential problems.

Second, squeeze your muscles. This helps your mind and body know you are about to go really heavy. This helps brace the skeletal system and helps activate more muscles. The stronger and harder you squeeze, the more muscles you can recruit and the more you can lift. This effect is called muscle irradiation. Pavel Tsatsouline, famed Russian Special Forces fitness instructor and kettlebell master, talks a lot about this effect in the body in his book The Naked Warrior. The book focuses only on bodyweight exercises and how to increase your strength through proper lifting techniques.

With good lifting form, the help of a trained professional, and these simple tips, you will be well on your way to your fitness goals.

– Stay Evolved

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